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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi All!!

The Godbehere Family Reunion for this year, 2010, has been canceled. I know this is sad as many people come every year! The Godbehere Family Reunion newsletter has been mailed to all current addresses that we have on file. There is a survey in with the newsletter that I hope you will all fill out and return. Jeanie Hogg had done such a fantastic job keeping up with everyone. Addresses were always up to date and information was always given for the newsletter. She is sadly missed. So with that being said WE EXPECT AND HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE IN 2011! 

I am sure that many of you have questions and I am sure that many of you want to know how YOU can help. We have some ideas about that and hope that you will contact us with your ideas and contributions. 

First: We will be starting up a committee to fill Jeanie's shoes! This will allow for multiple sides of the family to be heard and to help. Don't worry if you live far away... you can still help and be part of the Godbehere Family Reunion.

Second: We will be asking that you all help us with keeping your addresses updated. As well as asking for your help in giving information to us for births, deaths, marriages, and military service. This is something that Jeanie loved to see on the Newsletter. I loved seeing it, as I am sure most of you did as well.

Third: We will be working really hard on getting to know all of you. I know that sometimes when you come to a reunion you aren't sure how everyone fits together. You are not alone, others probably feel this was too. So we will be working hard on family trees and our family history so that we might all know where each other fit into the family! 

Fourth: We will be setting up another Godbehere Family Reunion blog that will be made private so that any information regarding our families can remain private to the outside world. All of those who would like to be invited will be invited (e-mail addresses will be necessary). This will be a place where we can let other family members know of births, deaths, marriages, and military service through out the year and not just on the newsletter (don't worry all of this info will still be on the newsletter). This is also a place where we can spotlight families so that we might get to know each other better. 

That is it for now, please share this blog and information with all that you can so that we might get this information to everyone. 
Remember that our e-mail address is godbeherefamilyreunion@gmail.com. Please e-mail us with any and all questions comments or concerns! This is just another way that we can all stay connected. If you know someone that doesn't have access to the internet and they have questions please have them address letters Nikki Wilson or Tiffany Pankau at this time! 

We are going to keep this blog updated regularly as well...
I hope that you are all having a wonderful year so far and look forward to seeing you in 2011 in Arizona! 

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